Children with SEND

Bruche SEND Information Report 2023 - 2024

Attention and Listening Resources

Attention and Listening Strategies and Activities - Younger Children

Attention and Listening - Parent and School - Older Children

Dyslexia Resources

Reading Support Ideas

Tips for Supporting your Child

Tips for Supporting your Child (2)

iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia

Emotional Support for Children Resources

Worksheet - Emoji Checklist

Strangers Worksheet

Worksheet - Emoji Line Match

Worksheet - Emoji Dominoes

Incredible 5 Point Scales

Fine motor skills Development Resources

Fine Motor Skills - Play-Doh Activity

Fluency Style and Speed Practice

Handwriting Lined Booklet

Fine Motor Skills - Scissor Cutting

Fine Motor Skills - Handwriting

Sensory Resources

Make Your Own Sensory Box at Home

Social and Emotional Resources

Helping your Child Develop their Social Communication and Interaction Skills (Younger Children)

Social stories resources

Asking 'Can I Play?'

Coronavirus Social Story

COVID-19 Social Story - School is Closing

COVID-19 Social Story - School is Opening

COVID-19 Social Story - Stopping Coronavirus

COVID-19 Social Story - What is Coronavirus

COVID-19 Social Story - Going to the Hospital

An example of a Social Story about the Coronavirus

Reception Social Story COVID-19

Social Story - Saying 'No' to Others

Social Story - It's Okay to Go to the Hospital to Feel Better

The Stay Home Superheroes

Things Don't Go the Way We Expect

Volume of Talking

Why has School Changed

Incredible 5 Point Scales - Various Designs

Year 1 Social Story COVID-19

Seeing Other People Wearing Masks

Visual Timetable Resources

Weekly Timetable Template

Visual Timetable of Home Activities

Executive functioning skills Resources

Executive Functioning Skills