Wednesday 13.3.19

Today we arrived at school at 7:30 and were taken straight to the grade 2 classes. The children in here were 7 and 8. We sat down with the children and became learners for the morning. We were taught in Sepedi and learnt how go count, how to say the days of the week, months of the year and family members. In the next grade 2 class we took part in an art lesson collating different objects with coloured paper.  

Mid morning we went to grade 6 and taught part of the gender equality project that we had planned before we came to South Africa. This included the roles and responsibilities of men and women here in Africa and comparing them to England. The children then completed a timeline of their life as a boy and a girl and it was interesting to see how the chlildren perceived their gender role. The children debated these roles and this lead to a dance battle. The boys and girls both thought they were the better dancers and it was impossible to choose the best as they were all amazing! They had great rhythm! 

Later that day we went into grade 5 and taught the children how to count to ten in Spanish and French. They were amazed that the children at Bruche spoke Spanish. We then taught them a song that we sing at Bruche called 'Tongo'. In our singing assemblies Mrs Skelton enjoys singing this therefore we shared that love with the children here at Tlamatlama.

After school we were lucky enough to be taken to the Cradle of human kind in Maropeng. This heritage site explained how evolution has changed over time and the different fossils showed this.  We then went to the sterkfoftein caves where we went 60m underground! We experienced how different stone types can grow underground and affect how land changes. It was an amazing experience!