School Meals

Bruche Primary School Academy recognises that eating in school should be a pleasurable experience which helps children to develop health eating habits. A child's lunch must provide them with the energy and nutrients they need to get the most from their school day.


The children will have access to fruit every day.  In addition to this, your child can order toast, milk, apple juice or orange juice every morning at a cost of 30p per item. Please ensure your child brings their money in a sealed envelope or purse/wallet to avoid it getting lost. Your child can also bring their own healthy snack for morning and afternoon break.

If you need any ideas of healthy snacks for school please do not hesitate to ask. 

Packed lunch 

If you opt to provide a packed lunch for your child, we do encourage you to make healthy choices when preparing this.

As a general principle, we promote healthy, balanced packed lunches. Ideas of what to include:

  • A sandwich (NO peanut butter)
  • Yoghurt and a piece of fruit
  • Bottle of water or juice
  • NO sweets, fizzy drinks, nuts or chocolate

Please also be mindful of the materials in your child's lunch box. Try to limit the amount of single use plastic and talk to your child about recyclable materials and what they should return home with - i.e. reusable drink bottles and containers.

We are a Nut Aware School. Please click here to read more information around this.

School lunch

Our school lunch menu offers children a range of choices, including vegetarian options and alternatives. 

Presently the daily cost is £2.60, paid through ParentPay online.

Schools Meals menu

Week beginning 05.02.24 is week 3 on the menu. The menu then moves to week 1 week beginning 19.02.24 and so on.