Monday 11.03.19

Today we were picked up at 7 o'clock and taken to Tlamatlama Primary school where we were welcomed by all the teaching staff and the Key Stage 2 children. They sang for us and danced! As you can see in the pictures they have their assemblies outside because they do not have a hall big enough for 700 KS2 children!

We spent time in the morning discussing our collaborative project and giving the staff our gifts from the children and staff at Bruche. They were so happy with their gifts and were so appreciative.
We then walked around the school and observed lessons in grade R, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

At lunchtime we helped the kitchen staff to serve Pap, cabbage and soup to the children. Pap is one of their favourite foods.

In the afternoon we read books to the grade R children, sang and danced with the grade 6 children and watched some performance poetry. We taught the grades 6's how to count in two's, fives and tens. There were 70 children in this class!  We then gave the grade 3 children some posters and postcards from the children at Bruche. They loved looking at the children's drawings and writing. The children were very excited to work with us and they hope to send children at Bruche some of their completed work.