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Sunday Times Best Schools Award
Schools Guide 2023

Bruche Primary named as one of England’s top state schools

WARRINGTON’S Bruche Primary School has been declared one of the top state primary schools in England.

The school – part of Warrington Primary Academy Trust (WPAT) – was 51st equal in a table of the 250 best performing state primaries in England, compiled for the Sunday Times newspaper’s annual Parent Power guide to good schools. Bruche Primary’s impressive standing in the table was based on the school’s 2023 SATs results for reading, grammar and maths.

Chris Jones, executive head teacher of Bruche Primary, said: “This prestigious accolade is a massive achievement for Bruche and its children, staff, parents and governors. We will continue to work hard for all of our children at Bruche, to give each of them high-quality learning experiences, with the school motto “success, nothing less" at the heart of everything we do.”

Louise Smith, chief executive officer of WPAT, added: “This fantastic achievement is down to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Bruche Primary. All of us in WPAT are very proud of Bruche’s achievement.”

Best Practice with Teaching Assistants Award 2023-2026 - Bruche Primary School Report

Primary Science Quality Mark - Bruche Primary School Report

Primary Quality Mark - Bruche Primary School Report

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Primary Geography Quality Mark - Bruche Primary School Report

Music Mark

Your school has been nominated by your local Music Service/Hub to become a Music Mark School for the 2021/22 academic year. They have recognised the value that you place on music and asked us to add you to the growing number of Music Mark Schools we support as a Music Subject Association across the UK.  
Instrumental Music tuition!

Every child, regardless of circumstances, should have an opportunity to play a musical instrument. Our music provision at Bruche is totally inclusive and offer opportunities for all.

  • Early Years and Key Stage 1 Music and Movement projects are designed for children between the ages of 4 – 7 and provide a launch pad for musical development; the fun and engaging physical activities supporting their listening and social skills.
  • Whole Class Instrumental and Vocal projects allow children to develop their musical skills and knowledge. We encourage our teachers and teaching assistants are actively encouraged to learn an instrument alongside our childrens both to enhance the overall musical development of the group and provide invaluable CPD opportunities for them.

Musical Instrument Lessons
As you can see from the video below we have places for children in Year 2 through to Year 6 who would like to learn to play the keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drums, violin and a range of woodwind. Please email our music teacher, Martin Lynch, directly on info@earlynotesmusic.education or visit his website at www.earlynotesmusic.education for further details.
For details of other musical opportunities in Warrington please visit the Accent Music hub here.

The National SMSC Gold - Bruche Primary School Report

RE Quality Mark Gold - Bruche Primary School Report

Effective School Governance Award 2022-2025 - Bruche Primary School Report

Primary Career Quality Mark - Bruche Primary School Report