Today we arrived at Tlamatlama to be greeted by all of the Key Stage 1 children who were in the middle of their assembly. As usual, this was outside because there are so many children and they don't have a hall. The children sang songs to start their day and skipped happily to class.

Mid morning we went into class 6, the children in this class are eleven and twelve years old. We observed the South African teachers discussing our project 'Zero Hunger', and they entered into a discussion. The children shared their learning with each other, showing posters, pictures and information leaflets that they had designed. Afterwards, we delivered a group activity which Mrs Skelton has also taught to Year 5 at Bruche. The children read statements about the possible causes of hunger and voted on which ones they thought were the most Important. We are yet to count up their votes and compare their thoughts with Year 5's.

This afternoon we had a questions and answer session with the class 6's and we showed them pictures of Bruche. The children were very interested in our curriculum and the different subjects that we teach because the teachers here move around the classes to teach their own specialist subject. They were shocked that children attend after school clubs at Bruche and said that they don't have them at Tlamatlama. We taught the children to sing Tongo and John Kanakanaka which they thoroughly enjoyed. They taught us an African song and have promised to give us the lyrics words so that we don't forget it!  

Later in the afternoon we went into a Reception class and taught them how to recognise animals, objects and people and identify these in a picture! They continued to practice holding a pencil and used it to write their name and colour in.  Miss Kerrigan taught the children how to recognise numbers one to ten and ask the children to represent them with their fingers - they loved this game just as much as Year 2 back at Bruche!  Mrs Skelton sat on the carpet with a group of children and taught them how to recognise and use different colours in a picture. They could identify lots of colours in Sepedi and English!