Thursday 14.03.19

This morning we arrived at school bright and early and were greeted by all members of staff wearing their traditional African clothing. All outfits were brightly coloured and the staff were proud to wear them. 

We joined in with the Key Stage 1 assembly and said goodbye to the children. They told us how happy they have been this week whilst we have been here and are sad that we have to go.

We were then taken to grade 3 where we became a learner. We took part in a life skills lesson whereby the children had to follow a serious of instructions to make different items. We used different coloured paper, scissors and glue.
We then took part in a maths lesson adding three digit numbers. We were amazed that the children could partition larger numbers and add them together.

Later we met with the schools advisor and we discussed barriers to learning and how the economy can affect the children's opportunities in their future. 

At 10:30 we went to grade 6 to teach them how to write a story. We encouraged the children to use their story maps from the previous day.  We shared different sentence starters, adjectives and adverbs to improve our writing. 

At lunch  time all staff came together and brought traditional South African food to the table. They thanked us for our visit to South Africa and everything that we have done for the children at Tlamatlama. For this lunch we were provided with traditional South Africa attire. It was beautiful!