Solar Eclipse

20th March 2015

The whole school were outside to watch the solar eclipse on Friday 20th March.  The older children made pinhole projectors and everyone learnt about what happens when an eclipse takes place. We were then able to watch the total eclipse on television.

Rebecca Carroll, in Year 6, prepared a report all about the eclipse.

Stunning solar eclipse

On Friday morning, all around the UK millions of people went outside to watch the rare phenomenon, the eclipse, it was amazing. 

Martha says “It was beautiful I loved it.”

Ben said that it was special.

The eclipse lasted 2 hours over all first contact was at 8:34 and ended at 10:34 that was in Warrington .It varied all around the UK. In Warrington it covered about 90% of the sun.

As the moon covered around 50% the temperature plummeted. When it got around 70% or 80% the birds retreated to their trees and everything went silent.

Catrin said that it was the most exciting thing she had seen all year.

Bruche was one of many schools who were involved with it. They did art work and watched it on the interactive white board, some schools made pinhole cameras and stood outside and watched.

Jayden said “It was phenomenal.”

The next solar eclipse is in 2026 the next full eclipser will be in 2090.

A solar eclipse is where the moon covers the sun. the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon but the moon is 400 times closer to earth that is why they look a similar size.

Lots of people thought it was amazing. The rare phenomenon has baffled us again.