SMSC Gold Award goes to Bruche!

21st October 2021
SMSC Gold Award goes to Bruche!
We are delighted to report we have been awarded the Spritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) National Quality Award at the Gold level! 

At Bruche SMSC is essential to the academic progress of our pupils. It doesn’t happen in isolation – it saturates through our school and is linked to everything we do, its our ethos and attitude. It is supported and articulated by all staff and governors, and is visible in all of our day-to-day decisions and relationships.

All areas of our curriculum contribute to SMSC development. It is the foundation of our well-planned learning, enabling children and all staff who work with them, to flourish. This award is a significant achievement for our children, staff, parents and governors.


Our verification day was 21st October. Our assessor commented;
"I am delighted to inform you that as a result of the recent verification visit, Bruche Primary School has been awarded the Gold level of the National SMSC Quality Mark and this has been confirmed by the Quality Assurance Panel. I am impressed that SMSC and its links to all aspects of the curriculum is literally ‘set in stone’; it is part of a sculpture at the entrance to the school.
It was inspiring to hear of the school’s established links with a school in South Africa, which staff have visited regularly. The children are polite, well mannered, like their teachers, and are happy to be at Bruche Primary School.
It was a privilege to meet with Zak, Callum, Scarlet, William, Poppy, Sophia and Jacob. The children are very proud of their school and were able to discuss the importance of British values and their understanding of democracy. They described their favourite learning opportunities with eloquence and confidence. During my tour of the school, many children enthusiastically described their learning activities, shared their Awe and Wonder books, and told me how safe and happy they feel at school. I was told, ‘Everyone likes it here.’ Every child is a Mental Health Ambassador, and the children understand the importance of healthy lifestyles. One child told me, ‘If you’re lucky, you might get to work here!’
Two of your governors, Mrs Barry and Mrs Kerrigan, spoke passionately about the commitment of the staff and how everyone, ‘goes the extra mile’. For example, learning awards continued during lockdowns with yourself and other members of the team visiting families to give them Goodie Bags. The Business Manager attends residentials and if time affords, she has been known to play with the children at lunchtimes. Mrs Barry praised the work of your SENCO who ‘is ridiculously good; listening to parents and always following issues through.’
As interim SMSC Lead, you do not work in isolation but acknowledge the necessary input of other members of the leadership team. I congratulate Bruche Primary School on the Gold standard of SMSC development that is afforded their pupils. Young Citizens will be in touch to discuss which aspects of your provision can be shared with other schools."
Strengths of the school’s SMSC development:
Through your self-evaluation and our discussions it is evident that there are numerous SMSC related strengths at Bruche Primary School. The following are a few key examples:
  • Pupil voice is very much valued, so much so that a member of staff records children’s views continually using an iPad during lunchbreaks.
  • The children’s enjoyment of learning and this was clear in how keen the children were to show their work.
  • Children know they are valued – it was lovely to hear their feedback, with one pupil commenting, ’Everyone likes it here!’