Why do we create podcasts for our pupils and parents?

1. Listen whenever, wherever
Podcasts are easy to fit into daily routines. Downloadable to your phone, you can listen while doing mundane tasks like cooking or commuting. Our pupils can learn content at any point they have a spare moment in their day, just by taking out their tablet, computer or phone. This makes them perfect for parents with busy schedules, or those who don’t have access to wifi all the time. Parents who have other commitments, like jobs or caring for family members, can simply stick on a podcast during their commute.

Making education more accessible for pupils and parents is vital to us.

2. Prioritise active learning in the classroom

Our Podcasts are a great way to review and retrieve learning for our pupils. They can listen on their own and go through questions about what they have learnt that week. If our pupils are already up to speed on what learning is taking place next week from podcasts, the valuable time spent face-to-face with teachers can be prioritised for active learning.

3. Podcasts help accommodate all learning styles 

At Bruche we recognise how different pupils prefer different styles of learning. By adding auditory learning to the usual reading and writing, it helps create a more personalised learning approach.

 All Podcasts are read by different children each week!