Mrs Skelton's visit to China

25th September 2015
Friday 25th September
Today was our last full day in China and we visited the city walls. They were built over 600 years ago and are 8 and a half miles long. There is a rampart every 120 metres with a sentry building within where the soldiers could look out and protect the wall without bring seen by the enemy. 
We cycled around part of the wall because the top is very wide like a road. I road a tandem for the first time (a bicycle for two people) which was great fun.
My visit to China is almost over. It has been a fascinating visit and I have learnt a lot about Chinese culture and the Education System.  Our Chinese hosts were very generous and thoughtful and have made us feel really welcome. I will miss them but look forward to them visiting Bruche in a few weeks time.  
See you all next week!
Thursday 24th September
Today we spent the morning at a privately owned Kindergarten where we watched a maths lesson for 3 year olds about big and small. We also watched morning exercises which all children in Chinese schools do outside everyday.

This afternoon I visited a market known locally as the  Muslim Market. It is very busy and sells all kinds of food and trinkets including crabs on sticks and pigs trotters as take-away food!
Wednesday 23rd September
We spent today in our partner school Wenjing Primary School.  

We watched the children doing their warm- up exercises for the day and joined in for part of a PE lesson.  Afterwards, we watched an English lesson. Two of the names in the text book were quite familiar!  

Later on we watched an art lesson in the Chinese art of paper cutting and this afternoon we made moon cakes. Moon cakes are eaten to celebrate the Autumn festival which takes place on Sunday. 

Mrs Graham, from Cherry Tree Primary School, and I helped make a film to help the children in their English lessons.  

Tomorrow we are visiting a Kindergarten which has children aged 5 and below.
Tuesday 22nd September

Today's Chinese news!

Today we visited a museum where we looked at a Neolithic Chinese site and then we visited the Xi'an Expo where Yuan Yuan got very excited because he thought he spotted bamboo on a sculpture in one of the gardens. We posed by the Expo mascot representing a pomegranate. They are sold all over Xi'an at this time of year.

This afternoon we visited another primary school called Xi'an Baqiao Aerospace Primary School. The children showed us models they had made and rockets which they launched on the playground.

Tomorrow we are visiting Wenjing our partner school again.
Monday 21st September
Today I visited our partner school Wenjing Primary and was welcomed very warmly by the Head Teacher Ms Chen Hong and the English teacher Daniel. The school has 21 classes and over 50 teachers! I taught some of the children 'John Kanakanaka' which they enjoyed very much. This afternoon I was taken to Fu Tea Town where I sampled some special Chinese Black tea with the Head Teacher.  Tomorrow I am going to visit another school called Xi'an Baqiao Aerospace Primary.
Sunday 20th September
Today we visited the Terracotta Army in Xi'an. They were made for the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, to protect him in the afterlife. They were first discovered in 1974 and so far more than 6000 figures have been excavated, each one different to all the rest.

This afternoon we visited Hua Qing hot springs where   several Emperors built, and added to, a palace where they could bathe in the warm waters.

Can you spot Yuan Yuan enjoying his day out?
Saturday 19th September

Today we visited the Great Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an. It was build during the Tang Dynasty. We climbed over 300 steps to get to the top. Can you spot Yuan Yuan in the photo? 

Yuan Yuan thought he had spotted a terracotta warrior outside a gift shop but it wasn't a real one we're going to see them tomorrow.
Friday 18th September
Mrs Skelton left home early this morning, while we were still in bed!  She travelled to Manchester Airport where she boarded a plane to take her to Helsinki in Finland.  She has sent us a photo of Yuan Yuan waiting to board the next flight to take them to Xi'an.
***Stop Press***
Had a very short email from Mrs Skelton to say that they have arrived safely in China and met Daniel (who I think is the translator) and the head of Wengjing Primary, Chen Hong.  She is going to try and get a few hours sleep before her Chinese adventure truly begins.
Mrs Skelton's visit to China
Mrs Skelton is travelling to Xi'an in China on Friday to visit our partner school Wenjing Primary.

She will be accompanied by Yuan Yuan the panda. They are both making final preparations for their long journey. Check here regularly to track their progress.