E-Safety Bulletin - Befriending on the internet

25th June 2015
E-Safety Bulletin - Befriending on the Internet
At Bruche we want our children to use the Internet safely and responsibly both in and out of school. We cannot be responsible for what they do outside school so to keep everyone up to date, will we will be publishing regular E-Safety bulletins with tips on how to keep safe and information about apps and websites where there are risks or concerns.
It is really important that we remind our children regularly about the risks involved with making friends on social networks and gaming websites/apps. Please make sure that personal profiles are kept secure and that information available publicly is monitored by an adult. Sadly there are people who target young people by searching through friend lists on websites.
Encourage your child to tell you who they are communicating with and share what they have been talking about. It is vital that they do no give personal details, share photographs or arrange to meet with someone they do not know.
If you would like further information about safe use of the Internet, check out the links on our website for further information.