Divali Celebrations

23rd November 2015
November is the month of Divali, or the festival of lights for people of the Hindu faith. Mrs
Mistry visited us today to share her experiences and stories about this festival in a whole
school assembly and then in workshops with each class. We listened to the story of Rama
and Sita and found out about how Hindus all over the world celebrate at this time of the
year. We thought about how people of all different faiths can celebrate different things in
similar ways. Mrs Mistry was wearing her beautiful, traditional sari. She showed us how it
was made from one HUGE piece of fabric in to her stunning outfit. Mrs Hubball was lucky
enough to be dressed by Mrs Mistry in another sari so we could see how is worked.
Dressed in her fine sari, Mrs Hubball reported to us that she felt like a princess!